Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet With Your MD Representatives About Gun Rights

Darren Wigfield (left) emcees the C4L 2nd Amendment rally
The end of the legislative session in MD is upon us. The epic amount of damage that less than four months has wrought is truly unbelievable.  One of our main goals was to block passage of the Gun Ban bill (SB281). We worked by going door-to-door, distributing literature, calling voters, and holding rallies all to get voters to call their reps and make their voice heard. People spoke out in record breaking numbers.  Annapolis has never seen such an outcry from Marylanders.  Still, some legislators didn't get the message, and they forced the bill through anyway.  Now we get to tell them what we think about it. The politicians returning from Annapolis to their districts in Frederick County are having Town Hall meetings to review the session that just ended. We must go and hold them accountable for the votes they have cast. They WILL hear from us, their constituents.
There are two camps of politicians holding town hall style meetings.

1) Thursday April 25th 6:30pm with Republican Delegates Afzali, Hogan, Hough, and Schulz@ FSK American Legion Post #11 1450 Taney Ave | Frederick, MD 21701.  (All of these voted against the gun ban.)

2) Saturday April 27th 10am with Democrat Delegate Clagett and Senator Young Urbana Regional Library 9202 Amelung Street | Urbana, MD.  (These voted FOR the gun ban!)
The second event will have the bill sponsor Sen. Ron Young present to take your questions. Please try to make it out to voice your concerns with this atrocious legislation!

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  1. A Contrast in Firearms Town Hall Meetings

    Steven R. Berryman

    Last Thursday Frederick County Delegates Michael Hough, Kelly Schulz, Kathy Afzali, and Patrick Hogan met their constituents in a true “town hall” style meeting to cover the state of the Second Amendment in Maryland, now that Gov. Martin O’Malley’s anti-gun bill has become law.

    More than a simple change in Maryland law, the collective impact on the local gun culture was actually tantamount to an all out assault on the United States Constitution’s legitimacy in our state.

    One activist from the audience suggested that the Republican Delegation should attempt to reincorporate the Founders words on firearms rights and protections from the federal Constitution into the Maryland Constitution. Not much likelihood of that, I am afraid.

    A packed American Legion Post #11 hall was standing room only as Marylanders vented their anger. National Rifle Association representative Shannon Alford and Delegate Hough took most of the questions from the audience for almost three solid hours....>>>>

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