Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Chapter Meeting, 2/21

Frederick Campaign for Liberty’s February meeting will focus on “Smart Meters” in Maryland, our members work against Plan Maryland and gun control in Maryland, and the 6th Amendment. (While this amendment guarantees a speedy trial, we make no such claims about our meeting!) We’ll have a discussion about Ron Paul’s most recent book, Liberty Defined, and get a summary of our experience at the NRA Hunting and Outdoor show which was a huge success. Our guest speaker this month is Jonathan Libber of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness, who will explain the myriad problems posed by “smart meters” and discuss alternative ways to improve our power infrastructure.

This will be our last meeting at Mistero, located at 18 Market Space Frederick, MD (right next to the parking deck behind Brewer’s Alley). We’ll begin at 7PM – we look forward to seeing you there!
Also Very Important!
Ron Young says he has not heard from the folks in Frederick County on our efforts to repeal his Septic Bill from last year... Please contact him ASAP!
Annapolis: 4108413575 or Frederick: 3016628520

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