Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Annapolis Hearings

The time is fast approaching where the liberty movement will need our support in Annapolis.  Join us on February 6th to help stop the state of Maryland from treading on your Constitutional rights, and to help support the property rights of yourself, your family, and your fellow Marylanders.

Courage to stand up and defend your unalienable rights is the only way we can stop the government's constant infringements on those rights.  Please show your support if you can, by making an appearance in Annapolis on the 6th.  Let's help crowd the Senate and House offices and place an image in the mind of our state senators that their constituents will not tolerate the attacks on our liberty.

The first hearing for the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, SB281 and the hearing for House Bill 106, which repeals SB236, the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act will be held in Annapolis on February 6th, 2013. 

 A hearing on SB391, which is the senate bill to repeal SB236 is scheduled for February 12th, 2013.

Hearings for SB281 will be taking place in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee (SJPC). Hearings for HB106 will be taking place in the House Environmental Matters Committee HEMC.

If you do not plan to attend these hearings, you may contact members of the SJPC here and tell them you do not support SB281, and wish them to help protect your 2nd Amendment rights. You may also contact members of the HEMC here and let them know of your support for HB106.

If you would like to attend the hearings in person, or would like to testify or submit written testimony to show your support for your 2nd Amendment rights and your support for property rights, please note the necessary information below.

  • Parking is at the Navy/Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
  • Catch the shuttle and ask the driver to let you off at the Senate Office Building
    • 11 Bladen St, Annapolis, MD
  • Pass through security with a Photo ID.  Leave any knives, multi-tools, et al at home.
  • Head to the hearing room and find a seat - though it may be too crowded, unless you arrive early enough.
  • If you intend to submit written testimony you will need 20 copies for the Senate, and it must be submitted by 11:00am.
  • Dress is business or business casual.  If testifying, we suggest business professional, such as a suit and tie.
  • Sign up sheets for testifying are located within each hearing room.  Please sign up to register your opinion, even if you do not plan to speak.
  • The SB281 hearing is scheduled to begin at 1:00, though many have decided to come early to show their support for their second amendment rights.
  • The HB106 hearing also begins at 1:00, but again, most will arrive early, just in case times are updated the day of the hearing.

Please email all of your contacts our website and facebook event for the trip and the issues.

Also, if you or someone you know have not signed our petitions, please follow the links below to do so:

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