Monday, December 31, 2012

December Chapter Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting this last month of the year with over 30 folks coming out to hear about our activism surrounding the effort to repeal SB236 including a reporter from the Frederick Gazette who wrote an article on SB236 and our Frederick Campaign for Liberty group.
Ben Reddington started the meeting with the next installment of our Bill of Rights Series bringing attention to the TSA and warrant-less wiretapping amongst other current infringements of our 4th amendment rights. Liza Leszczuk gave an update about our recent attendance at the city zoning board meetings in support of Mistero who has been our host for the monthly chapter meetings. Jason Laird updated the group on the resolution that passed at the December meeting of the MD GOP to publicly condemn the passing of SB236 and calling for its repeal. Russell Burdette then apprised the group of our efforts hanging 1000 door hangers in key areas of Frederick in an attempt to raise awareness of the terrible law SB236 that passed this year in Annapolis and our petition to repeal it.
Finally we had Darren Wigfield introduce our keynote speaker Commission Blaine Young who spoke about the details of SB 236, its requirement to create a four-zone tier map, and how the county plans to try to combat it. If you have not already done so, please sign our petition to repeal SB236. Have a Happy New Year! And we hope to see you at our January 2013 meeting on Thursday Jan 17th where we will have guest speaker Howard Woolridge.

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