Monday, November 12, 2012

Thursday: The Forgotten Men at FrederickC4L

Maryland Liberty Lovers,

This week promises to be FrederickC4L's best meeting yet! If you have some Liberty-curious friends who you've been thinking about inviting to a meeting, this is the one.

Our first guest speakers will be Maryland C4L leadership. They'll talk about the strategies and successes they've had in other Maryland counties. We'll be announcing a new initiative to protect the property rights of everyone in the state. We have a lot of members who have been anxious to get into this fight, and they'll get their chance this Thursday.

Our next guest speakers this month are Joshua Lyons, and Scott Strzelczyk from Frederick's liberty radio show, The Forgotten Men.  We'll also pipe in co-host Mark Kreslins from out of state, just like they do on the air on 930 WFMD.

The Forgotten Men concentrate on State-based solutions to problems with our national government.  For a taste of what they have in store, you can check out their recent episodes online HERE.

Finally, if you're a Facebook user, respond to our event HERE, and invite your friends. Also, check out our new website at

Frederick Campaign for Liberty meets at 7pm on the Third Thursday of every month at Mistero, located at 18 Market Place in downtown Frederick. Mistero is providing the space for our meetings, so please come hungry.

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