Friday, November 16, 2012

Repeal SB 236!

Ever heard of Agenda 21? How about Plan MD? Well Annapolis crammed both down our throats via SB 236 during the last legislative session in 2012. Please sign our petition to repeal this atrocious power grab trampling our property rights...

Click Here to sign the Petition Against SB236.

But why is SB 236 bad?

I am glad you asked :)

SB 236 is a MD law to cram future Marylanders into "higher density residential pockets" and limit growth in rural counties by overruling local control. Another attack on basic property rights by government. Farmers' wealth is in their land and to limit their choices is to limit their prosperity. Smart growth advocates advance their agenda again to the detriment of hard working citizens. Small farmers are generally cash-poor. They often cannot handle property tax increases or inheritance taxes when the older generation passes on without the escape valve of being able to sell their land to be developed in whole or in part if needed.

 Don't just take our word for it.  Watch this video from Cecil County Campaign for Liberty.  Listen to the testimony of farmers who have spent their lives, often several generations of lives, working for, and contributing to, their community.  Frederick's farmers are impacted the same way.  These zoning regulations, combined with Maryland's aggressive taxation policies, are taking the most dedicated and hard-working members of our society, and stealing their chances for happy retirement, and their ability to provide their children with the same opportunities they had.

Click HERE to sign the Petition against SB236

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