Friday, November 16, 2012

FrederickC4L Meeting Recap

Recap from Frederick Campaign for Liberty's November 2012 Chapter Meeting

Frederick's Campaign for Liberty (FrederickC4L) had another packed room for our November Chapter Meeting. With nearly 40 folks in attendance, we moved upstairs at Mistero Italian Restaurant and Bar's to accommodate our growing audience.

FrederickC4L County Coordinator Jason Laird opened the meeting with our mission statement and introductions followed by an update on recent events by Darren Wigfield.

Clint Brown continued our monthly Bill of Rights series with a reading of the 3rd Amendment and an overview of the history that led up to it. If you'd like to read a detailed commentary on the 3rd Amendment, this article is a good start.

Jason then gave a brief overview of The Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012 (SB236) and talked about what it means to Marylanders. We will be discussing this more in the coming months. Please sign the petition to repeal this terrible law.

Our first guest of the evening was Ted Patterson, Maryland Campaign for Liberty State Coordinator. Ted spoke about the state organization and the importance of getting involved in state and local issues. He told of several legislative success stories as well as successes in Maryland Liberty PAC getting liberty candidates elected to local offices around the state.

Darren followed Ted with an invitation to our December meeting with guest speaker Blaine Young and  mentioned the successes of some of our members in getting Letters to the Editor published in the Frederick News Post:
    Clint Brown - FNP's decision to exclude 3rd party candidates from the debate (Oct 27)
    Mike Hargadon - Frederick Charter Government ballot question (Oct 28)
    Liza Leszczuk/Michael Larson - Mayor McClement's exec. assist. appointment (Nov 14)

We encourage everyone to continue writing letters to local news publications to make your voice heard. Even if your first letter is not accepted, do not be discouraged, keep them coming. Eventually one will get published.

Finally, our last discussion of the evening came from our guests Josh Lyons, Scott Strzelczyk, Mark Kreslins from The Forgotten Men radio show as they brought their message that "DC won't fix DC" and discussed state-based solutions.

We went over our scheduled time, but a good time was had by all. Please join us again at our next meeting on Thursday December 20th with Blaine Young!

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