Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Central Planning won't get it done

Central Planning won't ever get it done. - Ernesto Sirolli

This TED talk is fabulous: "Shut up and listen!"

Ernesto Sirolli talks about aiding entrepreneurs in developing countries to realize their dreams. He makes the point that help comes in relationship not from a university or government institution and not even from a well-meaning large institutional charitable non-profit but from people in close relationship with other people in third spaces. A decentralized free-market of ideas is the only way technology will arise to solve the problems that central planners seek to address. Simply put: centralized top-down planning cannot fix the problems brought on by centralization - environmental damage, over-crowding, and fiscal instability.

Don't just do something; Sit there! We have to listen to people to know how to help. And any forum put on by "helpers" in an "audience" mode simply won't work. People need to be in informal settings in a conversational mode and relate to another to share their heart about what it is they are struggling with - in business or in life generally.

If only we could get the Plan Maryland folks to see this value ....

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